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The Guardian™ - Pest Repeller Comparison

Whereas the majority of pest repellers use just one tactic to ward off pests, The Guardian™ incorporates a wide range of original and traditional pest-repelling methods and is unsurpassed in its affordability. Other “top of the line” pest repellers in today’s market have approximately one-fourth the motion sensor range of The Guardian™. Some pest repellers may be less expensive, but it’s because they lack what The Guardian™ provides. Why spend a few dollars less to be unsatisfied? Only The Guardian™ offers sure-fire protection from such a huge variety of pests.

The Guardian Other pest repellers
Uses a wide range of modern and innovative pest repelling techniques Tend to use one type of gimmick to sell their product and not incorporate other methods
Is inexpensive and unparalleled in its success Are either overpriced or inadequate at relieving your pest problems
Can be used indoors and outdoors Can be used only indoors or only outdoors
Is humane to animals and pain-free May use harmful or deadly techniques
Repels every type of pest from small insects to medium-sized raccoons to large deer Usually repel a certain type of pest based off size or species
Is environmentally-friendly and safe to use around children and pets Use hazardous chemicals that are dangerous to the environment and people
Wards off pests without using devices such as traps or predator replicas that require time and effort to show any effectiveness Expect the customer to rid themselves of the pest after trapping it or setting up and moving around life-size predator decoys
Is weatherproof and durable against all elements Do not offer all-weather protection like a rain jacket
Can repel specific pests using different sound waves Use stagnant sound waves that may or may not ward off pests
Caters to each customer's pest problem with total customizability in volume control, sensory range and fluctuating noise frequencies for total pest repellence Don't offer personalized technology so features cannot be customized to fit your specific pest problem need or give you trouble-free use
Is convenient by providing a remote control and battery option so you can use it anywhere May not offer different power options – making it difficult to take the pest repeller everywhere you go
Can be used as an intruder alert and incorporates a visual strobe light and siren Unwisely use one kind of deterrent that doesn’t ward off every type of pest

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